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ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds is a passion, not a business. Breeding is limited as I only breed if I am keeping a puppy from that litter. Not every female should be bred.

ROCKHART was founded in 2002 with a partner and is solely run by me since 2010. I, however have been in Irish Wolfhounds since 1976 and had my  first litter in 1981.  My first kennel was Stoneybrook and stock from that kennel and imports were the foundation for Rockhart. Over the years, breeders from Italy, Sweden, England, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and Canada have called the kennel "Wolfhound Heaven".

Background & Recognition

I cofounded Midwest Irish Wolfhound Association in 1984 with the first match in 1985 for people to learn both breeders, exhibitors, and general public. It was modeled on Gretchen Bernardi's Locust Grove.

It lasted till 2001 and Northstar club was formed by others who had partaken in MIWA. I brought many breeders from around the world to judge the MIWA shows and innovated dual shows with judges giving critiques in the ring separately with each of their placements. It was a learning experience for all.

The measure of the quality of my hounds can be found in the Locust Grove history. Starting in 1980 winning the first of 16 Best in Matches there over 35 shows I attended. Judging one as well. Three shows had two matches with individual judges. The first was won by my dog Stoneybrook Kaos both days under a different judge,the next by a bitch I bred and owned and the other by a dog I bred. The final dual show was held this October in 2016 and was won by litter sisters. I have had runnerup numerous times as either best puppy or best adult.

ROCKHART hounds have won ASFA #1 for year twice, and LGRA #1 for year twice by same bitch ROCKHART Noor owned by Shelley Hood. I have won at least one specialty every year either in Canada or US from 1988-2001, and 2003-2016. My most famous hounds include NSBIS MSBIS. US and Can Ch. Bokra Stoneybrook Jeopardy winner IWCA 1999, NSBIS MSBIS US and Can Ch. Stoneybrook Konjur winner IWCA 1996, NSBIS MSBIS US and Can Ch. Stoneybrook ROCKHART Rebecca winner of IWCA 2005, NSBIS Ch. Seplecur Sonora at Stoneybrook winner IWCC 1997, NSBIS MSBIS US and Can Ch GCH ROCKHART Heresy winner of IWCC 2010, and who won her last three specialties as a veteran.

Recently SBIS ROCKHART Raphaela Requiem won Northstar spec (second year in a row won by ROCKHART kennel hound and the only years I attended) and was WB/BOW/SBIS. She continued with WB/BOS at IWCC natl spec and Delaware Valley Spec in 2016. She also won the 49 th Locust Grove Match with her litter sister ROCKHART Renascense winning the final Locust Grove Match.