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Responsible Dog Care

Located near Minneapolis, ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds takes dog care seriously. A limited four-year guarantee that covers the health of your dog, including any genetic issues that arise or inherited deficiencies. Liver Shunt testing is done on every puppy before they go to their new homes.

Health Care

Breeding at ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds is limited, and I only breed a litter if I plan to keep a puppy for myself. The prerequisite breeding requirements of several European countries are met every time I breed, ensuring the health of my hounds. This means I check my breeding stock for Brucellosis, Thyroid, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, and Atrial Fibrillation (echo, EKG, and cardiac evaluation with a stethoscope to check rhythms weekly) prior to breeding for optimal quality, health, and temperament.ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds due to health issues in the breed, has tended to breed older females to be sure dam is free of health issues, but this had led to smaller litters.

A Caring Environment

These are very active dogs that need plenty of space to run, play, and relax. That's why I have a large lot for my dogs to run and enjoy the trails, except for the older ones who prefer to stay inside. Under extreme weather conditions during summer and winter, they move into my comfortable, finished basement.

Though they live mainly in the house, my dogs have their own park with many trails to run and play in during morning and evening walks. I feed the puppies raw food and do not let them go until they are 10 weeks old. Each female wolfhound usually gives birth to about six to eight puppies each litter, and carries once or twice. Every female, however, is not meant for breeding.

Comfortable Dog