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Judging the Norwegian and Swedish Irish Wolfhound Specialties Championships, July 20th & 21st, 2018

Purebred Irish Wolfhounds

ROCKHART Irish wolfhounds is home to happy ,healthy hounds near Minneapolis, MN. With 42 years in the breed, I take pride in raising my wolfhounds properly, meaning they love to hunt and chase. From coyotes to even an 8 point buck by two 8 month old girls this winter, they show their courage. Aside from being a great lure coursing dog, my Irish wolfhounds are show dogs with great temperaments.

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These dogs are very friendly to children, and are perfect for family homes with a lot of space for running around. Should you purchase one of these adorable puppies, we even offer new owner consultations after the sale. All ROCKHART puppies go to their new homes chipped.

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ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds are bred for companionship and performance, but I raise every dog with nothing but compassion and care.  This means I expect the same from companion homes. I make sure that prospective owners are a good fit with a 7 page questionnaire, visiting with the hounds by a long walk in the woods, and meeting puppies after 4 weeks of age.

My dogs live mainly in a insulated kennel attached to my house. Under extreme weather conditions during summer and winter they move into my basement, which was finished with dogs in mind.

The hounds enjoy country living on 65 acres of space. They have their own 40 acre wood park with 10 miles of trails to run and play in. They love their morning and evening walks.

Proper Care

Call us to learn more about available puppies or proper care.

Ask about our free kit that includes a thermometer, blanket, puppy toy, veterinarian referral, food, health consultations.

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About Lynn Simon, M.D.

My hounds go back to old famous lines of Sulhamstead, Witchesbroom, Seplecur, Drakesleat, vd Ruempol, Berwyck, Meadowbrook, Bokra, and Furlongs in Sweden.

I cofounded in 1976 Stoneybrook Kennels with my first wolfhound from Donna Elzer in California, then Red Ross of Killybracken, two bitches from Meadowbrook kennels. I imported from England dogs from Bokra and Seplecur. Seplecur Christian was out of Mrs. Nagles dog Sulhamstead Motto, and the two puppies Seplecur Shamus and Sierra were out of Witchesbroom Mafiossi. Breeding to Meadowbrook bitches with Sulhamstead behind them were the foundation,  Later in 1989, I bred to Berwyck Uther IWCA natl spec winner in 1989.

I had visited England in 1979 to learn about the lines of the various kennels at the time. I visited Eaglescrag, Outhwaite, Brabyns, Ederyn, Witchesbroom, Bokra, Seplecur, Sulhamstead, and Solstrand. I obtained good stock to begin the journey from Medowbrook, Sulhamstead, Witchesbroom, and Seplecur. I had my first litter in 1981.

I cofounded ROCKHART in 2002 - 2010 with Christiana Hartenstein and from 2010 to present have continued on alone. I imported/exported dogs from UK, Italy, Netherlands, and Sweden.

I cofounded MIWA in 1985 - 2001. It was a confirmation, coursing, and educational venue.

Award Winning Dog

ROCKHART dogs combine both form and function and are found at racing, coursing, and confirmation venues.

I am an active member of the IWCA for 40 years, IWCC, and the North Star Club. I am known worldwide as a respected breeder, judge, and health expert having held lectures at the University of Minnesota for students and veterinarians on pneumonia treatment. I have educated judges around the USA, and as a judge mentor at specialties.

I show my own dogs and travel to each coast and Canada with them. I have judged every IW specialty in Canada including the IWCC National Spec in 2003. I have judged National Spec in Denmark, Sweden (I will be judging the Swedish again and the Norwegian National Spec in 2018), and Society Show in UK in 1994. I have also judged in Ireland as well. I have judged numerous specialties in the US as well. I was honored to judge Locust Grove as well in 1997.

My dogs have won two IWCC national specialties in 1997 and 2010. They have won three IWCA national specialties in 1996, 1999, and 2005. Since 1988 my dogs have won at least one specialty a year or best in match at Locust Grove thru 2016 except for my hiatus in 2002 from showing when starting a new kennel but still managed to win WB at RMIWA with a puppy under Jill Bregy.

I no longer sell breeding stock to other kennels or breeders, nor semen for breeding; I have a large stock of frozen semen from 13 males.

I have imported stock in 2006 and 2010 from Italy, and most importantly from Furlongs Kennel in Sweden. The two boys Bogart and Barbaro brought length of leg and improved rosed ears. All the dogs imported go back to dogs I had exported in the 90's therefore continued line breeding. I have deep concerns about the breeds direction and the adage "to leave this breed as good as you found it" does not seem to work with many of today's breeders. Loss of substance (muscle and bone), short legs, slab sidedness, more deer hound appearance, temperaments poor, straight fronts, lack of fore chest, are just some of the problems. Now we have advertising for "rare blue" Irish wolfhounds which would cause the famous old breeders to roll over in their graves. Too many breeders are breeding with no mentoring, no education on Irish wolfhounds, and a know it all attitude.

Three U.S. & Two Canadian National Specialty Wins

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Mission Statement

ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds is dedicated to breeding healthy hounds that demonstrate the requisite type, quality, soundness, and temperament. Our goal is to breed quality hounds, fitting the standard and capable of doing what they were originally bred for: the chase.



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