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Available Irish Wolfhound Puppies

ROCKHART Irish Wolfhounds located near Minneapolis, is expecting a litter in march 2017. Only companion puppies will be offered.


 A frozen semen litter from a famous dark dog in the past bred to a daughter of my MSBIS Can Ch. ROCKHART Paloma.

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Rearing Puppies

By the time they're placed in a new home, my puppies are up-to-date on their vaccinations, de-wormed, microchipped, and fully socialized (children, car, collar, leash, household sounds, other dogs). My puppies are house-reared in the living room and, like their mother, are under constant observation.

Depending on the weather, they are taken to a big puppy playground in the basement or are allowed to play outside. We then observe their temperament closely and do behavioral testing at various developmental stages to find the right home for each puppy. Puppies are going to their new homes at ten weeks or older. I find that the puppy picks you and tell  this to all puppy buyers.

Companion Homes

If you are seriously interested in a ROCKHART puppy, you should be aware of the responsibility of owning such a majestic hound. I ask prospective owners to fill out a brief questionnaire to learn more about them before meeting and interviewing in person. Based on all information, I will decide whether to place you on our waiting list.

Wolfhounds require a kennel that is spacious for sleeping quarters and fenced in areas are a must. They should also be kept in moderate to cool temperatures, as they cannot tolerate heat well due to their coat. I am always available for questions about problems that may arise. I provide first-time Irish Wolfhound owners with recommendations on diet, exercise, training, and veterinary referral in the twin cities area.